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What's so precious by HowXu
by HowXu

As always, your work is almost painfully adorable. Your style lends itself very well to ponies, and they're an absolute pleasure to loo...

PranksterShy Twilight Sparkle by HowXu
by HowXu

This is the first time I've given a five star rating in any category--I didn't think I ever would, but your originality here, and throu...

spa ponies ans part time trixie by hoyeechun

I don't get the impression that this was ever intended to be a "scene," or anything more than a drawing of three ponies. That was, as f...

I Just Don't Know What Went Wrong... by Bukoya-Star

Adorable, as always. The primary thing that I think could be better is that I think this particular image would've worked best as a thr...


Copied and pasted from Ask Rhyme Scheme's modblog:

I'll try to be succinct.  That's not my strong point, but the short version is that, despite just breaking 100 followers, Ask Rhyme Scheme is dead in the water.  The damage S3 did to my attitude toward MLP has not recovered, and while I intend to give S4 a fair shake, my expectations are very low.  If S4 brings back the quality of the first two seasons, it's very likely I'll start Ask Rhyme Scheme up again.  If it does not, and I have no faith that it will, that will be the end.

To the two of you with pending questions, I'm sorry they never got answered.  Both warranted poetry—good work, not my sillier stuff.  Unfortunately, where MLP is concerned, that's not in me anymore, and I'm tired of feeling guilty for not getting anything written.  The mod blog ask box will remain open, and I can always be reached at  Both methods will ping my phone; I'll see either.

If S4 is good, see you all this winter, or any of you who remain.  If not, farewell; nothing remains to write.

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